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The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

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The Greatest Writer who ever Lived?

Perhaps.� Respect the 'Peare.

A classic story about love, justice, vengeance and cross dressing.� Every bit as important now as it was when first written.

Our study of this text will look at improving your close reading skills, focusing on understanding characters and their emotions, looking at some of the most beautiful writing ever used, and writing in specific genres .


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    Merchant of Venice - The Courtroom Scene

    Hi Everyone,

    We are fast approaching the end of MoV, and last week we watched and read the climactic courtroom scene. Shylock has the power of the law fully behind him, but it is his determination to stick to the letter of the law which is his undoing.

    The scene peaks with him, beaten, facing the choice between the gallows, or disavowing his religion and losing his wealth.

    It's a powerful scene, with drama, strong emotions and lots of colour throughout.